Picking Colors

Colors can evoke emotional response in us. It is the easiest way to create the mood desired in a room. There are cool and warm colors. Cool colors bring calmness and serenity to the room, while warm ones are invigorating and energizing. Take a look at this photos and see how the mood changes along with the colors chosen.


You’ll find that decorating with green will add a calm balance to your living spaces. Green is embedded in our spirit; it has been attributed holistic qualities since it brings to mind nature, the environment and healthy living. It is refreshing, natural and it brings a peaceful ambience to your house, perfect for relaxation and rest.

Gray/ Neutrals

The great treat about choosing neutrals to decorate your space, such as gray, Is that you can accentuate with literally any color accessories you choose. You could give it a fresh and modern look by adding aqua and lemon accents, paired with metallic tones. Or you could use patterns and textures in the accents and furniture and let those take center stage. It is also great for functional rooms such as the garage. Use it to give a functional and industrial feel.

Blue and White

This combination has proven to be one of the most versatile combinations out there. You can use the many different shades of blue to create different emotional responses and moods. You can create a dramatic chic space just as well as a casual, cozy one, it’s all in the shade of blue you choose to pair with the white.